The Galaxy Barbershop and Hair Salon

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234 E Carson St # 1, Carson, CA 90745, United States
+1 310-549-7771
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The Galaxy Barbershop and Hair Salon is located in “234 E Carson St # 1, Carson, CA 90745, United States”.

You can contact this salon with this phone number :
+1 310-549-7771

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From Original Website:
“The Galaxy is a barbershop and hair salon. The Idea behind the space and stars stemmed from a thought “What’s above, so below”.
Galaxy by definition is a system of millions or billions of stars, held together by gravitational attraction. So, the galaxy symbolizes the overall community and we, the people in it represent the stars.
Star by definition is a fixed luminous point of energy in the night sky. Some stars shine bright they begin to dim over time. Our hair artists job is simply to bring that glow or shine out as much as possible.
Our goal is for our clients to experience the feeling rejuvenation and that joy and energy is what makes communities thrive. As a hair salon and barbershop we know we can and want to positively affect our communities. Providing a safe, professional and family environment is our standard and transforming our clients overall perspective is the goal.
We feel by providing quality hair and beauty services, our clients will shine like a star!”

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