Sir John’s Beauty Salon

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957 Little E Neck Rd, West Babylon, NY 11704, United States
+1 631-669-9823
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Sir John’s Beauty Salon is located in “957 Little E Neck Rd, West Babylon, NY 11704, United States”.

You can contact this salon with this phone number :
+1 631-669-9823, +1 631-321-7250

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From Original Website:
When you’re looking for exceptional hair care services in West Babylon, and want to work with experienced stylists trained in the latest techniques, you’ll find Sir John’s to be an easy choice for your West Babylon salon services. 
The talented team at Sir John’s Hair Salon meets with you for a complimentary consultation to learn about your ideal style, your lifestyle, and will also determine your hair type. Whether you’re looking for a basic trim or a complete makeover, our stylists will choose a cut and style that will flatter your face shape, complement your lifestyle and help you achieve a fresh new look that fits with your personality. 
We’re proud to bring you the latest styles and innovative hair treatments that will create your best look. Our salon is fully stocked with a wide range of hair products. Just ask our experienced staff for product recommendations on your next visit.

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