Ruby’s Beauty Salon

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6451 Market St, Upper Darby, PA 19082, United States
+1 610-446-2662
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Ruby’s Beauty Salon has branches in United States:

Address 1 : “6451 Market Street Upper Darby PA 19082”
Phone number : +1 610-446-2662

Address 2 : “14 S 40th st, Philadelphia, PA 19104”
Phone number : +1 267-292-4353

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From Original Website:
“Ruby’s Beauty Salon is a family owned business. It is the first licensed beauty salon of Upper Darby. Our growing number of loyalty members has proven the salon’s success in providing customers with ultimate satisfaction and a superior service experience.

Ruby’s Salon Services:
Threading, waxing, facials, skin polisher, hair services, skin treatment (chemical peel). Manicure pedicure. Brow/ lash tint. Eyelash extensions. Ear and nose piercing. Henna. Bridal services. Accessories. Packages are also available for multiple services.”

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