Pretty Woman Hair & Beauty Salon

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39 Slade Ln, Levenshulme, Manchester M13 0QJ, United Kingdom
+44 16-1224-9494
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Pretty Woman Hair & Beauty Salon is located in “39 Slade Ln, Levenshulme, Manchester M13 0QJ, United Kingdom”.

You can contact this salon with this phone number :
+44 16-1224-9494

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From Original Website:
Pretty Woman is located in Longsight, near the city centre.
A popular choice for many, our clients range from students to Manchester’s high profile personalities. The salon has built up a solid reputation as a leading provider of hair and beauty care in the city. We also offer foundation and advanced courses in all things hair and beauty.
We know you don’t want just a haircut, you want a total experience. Whether it’s your first time visiting us or you are a returning client, you will always be given the best personalised hair service.
Our team at Pretty Woman provides specialised and exquisite cutting, colouring and hair treatments. Our expert knowledge of hair and beauty has been acknowledged by a wide range of clientele that want nothing but the best high end salon experience.”

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