Payal Beauty Salon

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1371 Oaktree Road, Iselin, NJ 08830, United States
+1 732-283-2099
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Payal Beauty Salon has branches in United States:

Address 1 : “1371 Oaktree Road, Iselin, NJ 08830”
Phone number : +1 732-283-2099

Address 2 : “2800 Stae Rout 27 Unit#2, North Brunswick, NJ 08902”
Phone number : +1 732-305-6660

Address 3 : “1347 Stelton Rd, Piscataway, NJ 08854”
Phone number : +1 732-572-8844

Address 4 : “126 Baldwin Plaza, Parsippany, NJ 07054”
Phone number : +1 973-335-4929

Address 5 : “555 Lawerence Square Blvd South, Lawerenceville, NJ 08648”
Phone number : +1 609-587-3959

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From Original Website:
“Payal Beauty Salon and Spa provides the most healthy, relaxing, and affordable experience to our guest. We will exceed each client’s expectations by our quality services and expertise. Payal first appeared on the beauty and fashion scene in as a small and friendly venture seeing the transformation into a Limited Liability Company in 1992. Payal is considered to be a melting pot of creative styling, concepts, and exceptional services at affordable prices. Collaborations with specialists like L’Oreal, Matrix, Redken, Repachage, Dermalogica, Shahnaz & VLCC have led us to surpass the competition and to rise above the normal.
Payal is the largest unisex salon chain in New Jersey catering Indian Community. Its mantra of offering world-class services and products at accessible locations with affordable pricing has made it an industry leader. Payal is constantly expanding. With 13 Salons in operation, in New Jersey (few more to open in the next few years), Payal has created a dynamic and powerful image. We offer professional hair and skin services and products standardized to meet stringent quality control. We entice everyone to enjoy the experience of beauty.”

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