Lash Hair And Beauty Salon

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16 Clayton Rd, Hayes UB3 1AZ, United Kingdom
+44 20-3719-0973
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Lash Hair And Beauty Salon is located in “16 Clayton Rd, Hayes UB3 1AZ, United Kingdom”.

You can contact this salon with this phone number :
+44 20-3719-0973

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From Original Website:
“The Salon has evolved to be the best destination for hair, skin, and beauty services. The salon guarantees the highest quality service to clients and provides the most current fashion through a highly trained, professional staff in a comfortable, clean, and friendly environment.
Experts at the salon are uncompromising in maintaining high standards of quality and are consistent in efforts to build an always-improving employee and management team. The salon is taking every opportunity to identify and satisfy the needs of clients and staff.
The salon understands that everything done must be designed to satisfy clients and together, creating an environment that is based on mutual trust and respect. Professionals at the salon strive to make an environment where everyone is acknowledged, recognized, and appreciated.
The salon offers a variety of services that includes hair, skin, spa facials and bridal makeup and is are known for exceptional haircuts, hair styles, facials , bridal makeups and many more. The outlet is equipped with a good ambiance, accord music and modern salon and spa amenities to provide a diverse range of bridal services…”

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