J J Dominican Beauty Salon

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217 Eastern Blvd, Essex, Washington, MD 21221, United States
+1 410-238-2800
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J J Dominican Beauty Salon is located in “217 Eastern Blvd, Essex, Washington, MD 21221, United States”.

You can contact this salon with this phone number :
+1 410-238-2800

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From Original Website:
“Let JJ DOMINICAN BEAUTY SALON assist you in making a style statement with a perfect haircut or hairstyle.
At JJ DOMINICAN BEAUTY SALON, our stylists are capable of delivering to you the latest and most classic haircuts. We are constantly updating our knowledge on hair coloring techniques to give you the most advanced treatment.
Woman with long red hair
Although our fully insured salon was established recently, our trained professionals have extensive experience in hair care. We assess your lifestyle and personality to suggest the perfect look that complements you.
Our staff is fluent in English and Spanish to better serve you.

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