Color Lab 1 Hair Salon

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6215 8th Avenue Cellar Level, Brooklyn, NY 11220, United States
+1 917-376-5481
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Color Lab 1 Hair Salon is located in “6215 8th Avenue Cellar Level, Brooklyn, NY 11220, United States”.

You can contact this salon with this phone number :
+1 917-376-5481, +1 718-745-2908

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From Original Website:
“The Color Lab 1 Hair Salon is a unique hair place located at 6215 8th Avenue, Brooklyn New York innovated by Helen, founder and hair stylist of the original Shine Hair Salon. We are dedicated to delivering head-turning styles and color to the discerning and diverse clientele of New York City. We offer a complete line of hair services, and specialize in hair color and hair texture service. All stylists are trained in the latest coloring and new hair texture technique such as Japanese straightening and digital curling as well as styling techniques, and we use only the highest quality professional products.
There are many ways a skilled stylist can transform a hairdo. With a pair of scissors or with the application of hair color, all can become the basis for a new look. The Color Lab 1 Hair Salon provides our clients with a free consultation. Come in and we can discuss the many options available to you.”

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