Bonitta Full Service Hair Salon

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61-12 Myrtle Ave, Queens, NY 11385, United States
+1 718-880-0494
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Bonitta Full Service Hair Salon is located in “61-12 Myrtle Ave, Queens, NY 11385, United States”.

You can contact this salon with this phone number :
+1 718-880-0494

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From Original Website:
Between Hundreds of hair brands, colors, texture, low grade, high grade hair, beauty supply hair, working on my own clients, I couldn’t find my favorite hair, many company claimed to be 100% virgin hair, Remy hair, natural hair, non processed hair, etc.
I am very well educated about hair what looks like a real human hair.  For example when you shampoo the hair will stars showing the realty what is coated after first shampooing service. You had trash your  investment, it  is total lost, the hair will shed, tangle, breaks off  and you  ended up removing your instilled and buying new hair extensions.  Bonitta Hair  non of those Brands can compare it , We came across with the best hair quality in the whole human hair Market. Bonitta Human Hair Extension doesn’t get tangle, sheds and longevity a year or more depending on the care you put into I myself had installed  thousand’s client in our salon for more that 10 years. You can buy are human hair with worried free, it will help you save time and money.”

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