Anita’s Hair & Beauty Salon

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368 Green St, Upton Park, London E13 9AP, United Kingdom
+44 20-8586-9651
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Anita’s Hair & Beauty Salon is located in “368 Green St, Upton Park, London E13 9AP, United Kingdom”.

You can contact this salon with this phone number :
+44 20-8586-9651

Website :

From Original Website:
“Here at Anita’s , As One Of The Most Popular Established Salon In Green Street With 10+ Years Of Establishment- You are in the right company. We have something for everyone and for your budget.
Our Multi-Lingual (incl Hindi & Urdu) Friendly Staff will ensure; a lovely beautiful smile on your Face. Our salon is ladies only, and we are strict in this regards to maintain the privacy of the ladies…”

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